Control over the look and feel of captchas in various ways. Change size, colors, fonts, font sizes, number of letters, types of texts used. That gives you the ability to make the captcha blend in with your website design.


The whole point of putting captchas is to add a security layer to your website, to prevent bots from spamming your website. NT Captchas are completely secure and bots are not able to crack them. Just install NT Captchas and forget worrying about bots!


Even half a second of delay can cause a chunck of users go away from your websites. If users find it tiresome to fill a captcha every time they want to submit a form, they tend to shy away from your website. NT Captchas are simple, traditional captchas that load super-fast and are easy to fill by users.


Installing our captcha service on your website is a matter of copy pasting of code. However, if you want help, we offer free technical support to get it up and running on your website within a matter of minutes.

Technical Support

We offer free technical support for any questions you may have related to our captchas. Although not probable, if any problem occurs, you can contact us any time to get your issue (related to the captchas) resolved as quickly as possible. We also offer a short guide to help you understand how to customize your captchas.

Cost Effective

We offer an extremely cheap cost for the vast security that you get on your website. We have many affordable and customizable plans to fit your particular requirements.